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The beautiful Brigantium at the confluence of the Mandeo and Mendo rivers has got an amazing heritage.


The municipality of Betanzos is located in the centre of the Artabrorum Gulf in the province of A Coruña. It is the capital of the region and has 8 parishes: Bravio, Piadela, Pontellas, Requián, Santa María, Santiago, Tiobre and Viñas.

The Historical Centre was declared a historic-artistic site in 1970 and is one of the most important medieval cities in Galicia, proof of which is that it was the capital of one of the seven provinces of the old Kingdom of Galicia.

The city (since 1465) has an abundant heritage that reflects its rich and varied history, as well as three rivers that bathe its territory: Mandeo, Mendo and Mero, which together with the Betanzos estuary form a landscape well worth a visit.

Its festivals, traditions and gastronomy make every visit to Betanzos unique. Besides walking around and discovering all the cultural and natural heritage that Betanzos has to offer, the hospitality of its people will leave a pleasant mark on its visitors.


How to get to Betanzos

Municipality of Betanzos:

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Bus stop:

  • Praza Irmáns García Naveira, 35

Train station:

  • Rúa Arxentina, S/N
  • Camiño Real da Infesta, S/N