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A 'must-see' between the estuaries of Ferrol and A Coruña because its civil architecture and landscape.


Pontedeume is the toponym that defines the human and territorial community of a coastal municipality located at the end of the Ares estuary, at the mouth of the estuary of the river Eume and climbing the southern slopes of Mount Breamo (305 metres). It is made up of the parishes of Santiago de Pontedeume, San Martiño de Andrade, Santiago de Boebre, Santa María de Centroña, San Cosme de Nogueirosa, Santa María de Ombre and San Pedro de Vilar. It combines singular natural spaces, art and history, in a proportion and quality that never leave anyone indifferent. A place of obligatory passage between the estuaries of Ferrol and A Coruña, this excellence was told and sung by many travellers who admired its bridge, its religious and civil architecture linked to the Andrade family, or its landscape, described by Licenciado Molina in his "Illustrated Description of the Kingdom of Galicia" as the orchard of the Galician region.

The history of the region, between the Belelle and Lambre rivers, shows us that in these places there are already traces of social organisation from the megalithic period (3000-2000 B.C.). More than 118 ‘mámoas’ are recorded in neighbouring Monfero.

There are also significant traces of the Castro culture (600 BC) in the form of sculptures and metalwork: ‘Cuadrifaces’ or ‘torques’ from Centroña and San Martiño do Porto. The same is true of examples of Romanisation: San Pedro de Grandal or the villas of Noville and Centroña, which certify the existence of Roman ways of life and farming techniques.


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