Slow stage of the Camino Inglés

Bruma - Poulo

  • LENGTH 12Km
  • ESTIMATED 3h 30min

f the previous stage was characterised by climbs and steep slopes requiring much effort, in this section the pilgrims face a gradual descent for 12 km that will reach Poulo in the municipality of Ordes.

etapa de Bruma a Poulo
Camino Inglés through hostels

From Bruma we will pass through forests and crossroads of different villages and areas such as the parish of Ardemil or A Rúa, where we have the beautiful church of San Paio de Buscás which is an obligatory stop for all pilgrims as they can contemplate the polychrome figure of the saint and the Romanesque origin of the monument, until arriving near Ordes in the parish of Poulo, where we can visit the Romanesque church of San Xulián or the pilgrims' hostel that has been inaugurated recently, restoring a building that served as a hospital for pilgrims on their Camino to Santiago de Compostela.

Also in Poulo, travellers can visit the house where King Felipe II spent the night in 1554, according to an inscription.

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