Penultimate stage of the Camino Inglés

Bruma – Sigüeiro

  • LENGTH 24.2Km

f the previous stage is characterised by climbs, this section is quite the opposite with a gradual descent from Bruma to Sigüeiro. Within the first two hours, pilgrims will pass in front of three very interesting temples: Ardemil, San Paio de Buscás and Calle. In addition, they are sure to make a stop at the church of San Paio, attracted by the polychrome figure of the saint and by a façade generous in spectacular elements that denote its Romanesque origin.

Camino Inglés through hostels

O resto da etapa Bruma – Sigüeiro son bosques, con algún tramo marabilloso como o que parte da aldea dos Carrás. Curto, pero que conserva o mesmo aspecto que tiña na Idade Media. O peregrino recoñecerao sen problemas pola súa beleza.

An hour before reaching Sigüeiro, the walker will gather his/her strength at Fonte da Santiña, just as Father Sarmiento did in the 18th century. Then he/she will pass by two forts and reach Sigüeiro through another medieval section, which enters the Carboeiro park, crossing the Tambre over a historic bridge.

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