Fist stage slow from A Coruña

A Coruña – Sergude

  • LENGTH 20Km
  • ESTIMATED 5h 30min

he Camino Inglés starts from the city of Hercules, from an emblematic place like the Church of Santiago, a Romanesque temple of the second half of the 12th century in the heart of the Old City of A Coruña. This variant includes a first urban section until reaching the village O Burgo, where we can see the medieval bridge used by the pilgrims to cross the estuary. There we will enjoy an outstanding Romanesque church dedicated to Santiago.

Camino Inglés through hostels

The next stop will be the monumental set of Sigrás. Isolated in the mountain, the Romanesque church is impeccably taken care of. Next to it, there is a singular well and a rectory erected above a medieval hospital for pilgrims. A building that hosted those who went to Santiago in the Modern Age.

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